June 26, 2015

Game Hacks – Prevent the Spread of Fake Pokemon

As the online games have become more and more advanced because of the developments in the technology, in the same way the ability to hack them is also increasing day by day and this thing can seriously affect the gamers of Pokemon.

Devices like Action Replay can trigger events, create the areas and higher level or rare Pokemon usually never accessible by the usual means of game. This is so because this has become a difficult problem and people trade and sell the illegitimate Pokemon. For a gamer that is unsuspected suddenly looking for the means for obtaining the rare Pokemon is like a dream come true. Various people would possibly say that this way of receiving Wi-Fi battles, however, is risky to the whole game. Unluckily it doesn’t stop here, because of the introduction of the Global Trade or GPS for the 4th generation, the players are unable to check if a Pokemon they are going to receive is legitimate one or not. But, not much can be done to solve this problem, except preventing the constant spread of the illegitimate versions.

If any gamer suspects one or more Pokemon were hacked, they always confirm the information detailing where the Pokemon was caught and the level it was found, what the ball it is in and the ID. For instance, to find a starter Pokemon like the charmander or the route twenty is not plausible. Moreover, if the charmander is caught at the level 65 and remain in the master ball, it is definitely the fake one. Exactly the same principle applies for the legendary Pokemon that has a settled location. If a rayquaza was considered to be in the place or the route which is other than the Embedded Tower or the Sky Pillar, you have a fake. The level in which it was caught must also have the seventy or fifty respectively.

Special Event of Pokemon like Celebi is only obtainable through promotions, therefore, a Celebi which was found anywhere other than a Nintendo event is the counterfeit. These types of promotional Pokemon can also have the specific IDs when you get them. The best means to be aware of the fact if they are fake or not is to confirm through some popular websites where you can find details about each Pokemon’s respective ID and if yours doesn’t match, this is one is definitely illegitimate. There are many other games like Agar and you find Agario Hack at Agario-hack.net.

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